Sunnyquick curtain wall is China's outstanding overall solution provider for curtain wall systems. Over the years, Sunnyquick has been dedicated to the R&D, design, manufacturing, process improvement and innovation of high-performance curtain wall, window and door products. The company has reached the international level in such major technical fields as R&D, design, manufacturing and construction.

Technical Management

The company has a design center, a standard R&D department, and a engineering department. The design center is responsible for R&D, design, and technical management. It is directly led by the company’s chief engineer. The standard R&D department is mainly responsible for “three new” (new materials, new processes, new technology) development innovation and technical standardization management.

Technical Team

Following the concept of technological development, Sunnyquick not only formed a strong design and development team, but also established long-term well-known design agencies and consulting companies in strategic partnerships. While actively introducing high-end talents, a complete project R&D management system has been established.

Technical Support

Prior to the development and design of new products, Sunnyquick carefully analyzed customer needs, built public basic modules, and carried out work according to objective needs, ensuring the practicality of scientific and technological innovation, establishing a knowledge management system, providing customers with sound services, at the same time, it also creates an environment for the long-term development of the company.

Technology Innovation

In the process of technological innovation, Sunnyquick adheres to the innovative concept of “researching and applying”, and has now established a core product system: glass curtain walls, aluminum curtain walls, windows and doors of buildings, architectural shading, curtain wall steel structures, glass roofing systems, a total of hundreds of series products have been formed. These products have been widely used in the design and construction of various engineering projects.


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