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Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass Product Introduction:
Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass is currently the most energy-saving glass product in the world. It is developed by Southwall Technologies Inc. and has a K value of 0.91. Its excellent shading and heat insulation effect can prevent the loss of heat in winter and reflect the strong solar heat radiation in summer. It is the most environmentally-friendly and energy-saving glass product with the benefits of warm winter and cool summer. Today, this product has come to China and Sunnyquick applied it to high-end projects such as windows and glass walls, doors, curtain walls, and so on.

Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass --- Beginning in 1970, Southwall Technologies Inc. of the United States cited the development of thermal insulation technology in space science and stealth bombers. The K value can reach 0.91. Hot Mirror® film has won the “Technology Award of the Year” in the United States and was rated as one of the 100 most significant inventions of human influence in the 20th century by the United States’ “Popular Science”. At present, there are more than 10 million square meters of hot mirror ® insulating glass in the world, which are used in the world's famous buildings. In developed countries, people have gradually entered the family. The use of hot-glass® glass can increase natural daylight, making the solar insulation of high-permeability glass superior to traditional colored insulating glass products. It is superior to all LOW-E glass products in terms of noise reduction and UV protection.

Hot mirror insulating glass product structure:
Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass is a combination of two layers of glass and a special Heat Mirror® film, separated by a double-layered special spacer into a double-chamber hollow structure. Double-cavity hollow structure can effectively improve the thermal insulation performance of glass systems, but ordinary hollow glass will therefore greatly increase the thickness and weight of components, and at the same time put forward a series of new requirements for building structures and loads. Therefore, how to achieve a better thermal insulation effect without significantly increasing the weight and thickness has become a major challenge for architects and glass manufacturers. The use of the Heat Mirror® film can increase the number of heat insulation layers without substantially increasing the thickness and weight, making it possible to achieve the heat insulation and insulation properties that are difficult to achieve with conventional insulating glass. When a three-cavity structure is used, the thickness of the hollow structure is only slightly higher than that of the conventional hollow glass, but it can achieve the highest heat insulation effect of the actual use of the glass system.

Hot Mirror® Insulating Glass has a variety of film types to choose from:
Different types of glass can be used according to customer needs. Double silicone seal. The heat transfer coefficient of special spacers used in hot mirror ® hollow glass is only 0.43W/Cm/°C, which is 1/5 of the thermal conductivity coefficient of aluminum spacers, which can be more effective in the conduction of heat insulation. For special needs, the middle insulation layer can be filled with argon or helium to further improve the insulation performance. Double-layered film structure (ie, three-cavity structure) is used for two-layer glass. Super heat lens® hollow glass.

Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass Features:
Prevent condensation. Insulation. Sunshine control.
Highly effective UV shielding 99%. Highly efficient soundproofing. High light transmittance.
save energy. Highly environmentally friendly. Excellent refurbishment and reconstruction of operating performance.
Since its inception, Hot Mirror® Hollow Glass has helped thousands of designers successfully meet the challenges of designing glass enclosures with their superior characteristics. Its versatility has provided more than a thousand design options for residential, office and commercial buildings.

Heat Mirror® advanced insulating glass glass systems are found in the most energy efficient windows on the market today. They may be the smartest, too.
Specifically manufactured using a state-of-the-art glazing system that secures a unique kind of film between sheets of glass, Heat Mirror offers top thermal insulation and comfort in a window, while helping to protect you, your loved ones, and your cherished Belongings from harmful UV rays.
Insulating glass made with Heat Mirror technology can have an R-value from 6 to 20, which can insulate as well as typical walls. With such performance, windows made with Heat Mirror technology can substantially lower your energy bills.
Recognized by Popular Science magazine as one of the “Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium,” Heat Mirror insulating glass has been used around the world in state-of-the-art buildings—from single-family homes to high-profile projects like the Empire State Building.

Heat Mirror Glass Windows For Empire State Building

1. Reduce energy consumption by 38%
2. Save $4.4 Million in Energy Cost per Year
3. Reduce CO2 emissions by 105,000 tons in the next 15 years
4. Windows cost 70% of total energy saving projects

Heat Mirror Glass Windows Heat Mirror Glass Windows Heat Mirror Glass Windows Heat Mirror Glass Windows

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