The advantages and misunderstanding of Tilt And Turn Windows

2018-08-17 08:02:28
Tilt and turn windows, which can be opened to the interior like ordinary flat windows, can also be inverted inside, that is, the position under the window does not move, and the upper part is inclined to the room.

Tilt and turn windows are completely "standard" in Europe, and most residential projects use tilt and turn windows. But in many countries, we find that too many people don't understand tilt and turn windows. In addition to non-architectural professionals, there are even many developers and designers who don't understand tilt and turn windows at all, or even though they know tilt and turn windows. Turn windows, but do not understand this window form, often ask us some "tilt and turn windows is not very occupied indoor space, is it very affecting the curtains?" and so on.

Therefore, as a communicator of the advanced concept of the industry, we believe that it is necessary to publish an article specifically, combined with the use of residential home tilt and turn windows, to clarify the advantages of tilt and turn windows, and to clarify some misunderstandings.

aluminum tilt and turn windows

As we all know, the two main functions of windows are lighting and ventilation.

For the demand of lighting, whether the window is in the open state, the inverted state, or the closed state, the light can enter the room through the glass unimpeded, so for the functional demand of lighting, tilt and turn windows fully meet the requirements.

For the ventilation requirements, the inversion function of tilt and turn windows fully reflects the advantages that other window types cannot match:

1. Optimize ventilation performance

When the window is down, the room can not only be naturally ventilated, but the most important thing is that the air enters the room from the window and the side, and does not directly blow to the human body, especially when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, the person can be greatly reduced. The risk of catching cold due to direct air blowing. Especially in high-rise apartments or open villas, the spring and autumn winds are very large, and the inverted state in the windows completely makes the exchange of indoor and outdoor air smooth, comfortable and soft.

2. Improve safety

When the window is inverted, the window is open and ventilated. At the same time, it is very safe compared to the outer flat or inner casement window. It has anti-theft performance. The reason is very simple - the thief can even reach into the window, but I can't open the window, and I can't enter the room! Therefore, the user can completely set the window to the inverted state when leaving the home, which ensures continuous ventilation and does not have to worry about the thief's patronage.

3. Dustproof and rainproof

When the window is inverted, the airflow entering the room will first face the blockage of the glass. The heavier dust particles in the air will not "turn sharply" and will naturally be blocked outdoors. On rainy days, because the rain falls from the top, even if it is deflected into the room due to the wind direction, it will be blocked from the window due to the glass barrier of the inner window. Therefore, when the owner is not at home, there is no need to worry about the rain or water that is unexpectedly damaged.

4. Easy to clean

Living on the second floor or above, users who use the open window must have the following painful experience: There is basically no way to clean the window. The reason is very simple. It is opened outwards, even if your arm is long enough to be flexible enough to reach out the window, but It's unfortunate that you live on the 28th floor. Is it too dangerous to use most of the body to poke out the window and wipe the window? And tilt and turn windows are completely without this trouble, just open the window completely inward, easy to take care of, a piece of cake!

aluminum tilt and turn windows

In summary, we can draw a very simple conclusion: for tilt and turn windows, more than 99% of the time, only two states: off state or inversion state. And this 1% fully internal open state, there are only two possibilities: short-term enhanced ventilation needs, as well as the need to wipe the window.

In Europe, you may wish to pay attention to the windows of those villas, apartments, or modern, or classical homes. You will find that, as mentioned above, 99% of the atmospheric, simple and bright windows are in two states: Close or inside.

Due to the popularity of modern minimalist design styles, more and more window designs tend to be larger and more concise. Indeed, if these windows are usually flat inside, more than 30% of the room space will be occupied, then After understanding the above common sense about tilt and turn windows, you know that windows will only open completely within 1% of the time, and most of this 1% chance may be used to wipe windows, then what are your reasons? Worried that tilt and turn windows will take up indoor space?

In addition, for many people worried that the tilt and turn windows can not be installed with curtains, the answer is very simple: because the window is inverted, the upper part of the sash is only a few centimeters away from the window frame. On the one hand, the window is often mounted on the wall. In the upper hole, on the other hand, the curtain track is a few centimeters or even a dozen centimeters away from the wall, so the inner state of the window does not affect the use of the curtain at all. At the same time, the inside of the window actually avoids the possibility of collision with cabinets, faucets, wardrobes, furniture, etc. when the window is flat.

That's all, so much, I hope this article will help you. In addition, if your project need tilt and turn windows or other design aluminum windows, doors or glass curtain wall, please contact us, our factory direct sales.


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