Four advantages of aluminum doors and windows

2018-11-09 10:28:59

Doors and windows are related to the functional requirements of lighting, ventilation, sealing, heat insulation and sound insulation. They are also related to the demand for architectural decoration such as lines and colors, and represent the master's aesthetic and pursuit. Aluminum doors and windows have a good decorative effect and excellent performance, and stand out among many door and window materials, and are widely used in modern homes.

Aluminum Lift And Slide Doors

Four advantages of aluminum alloy doors and windows:

1. Light weight and high strength

The aluminum material adopts a hollow thin-wall combined section, which is light in weight and only one-third of the density of the steel. The cross-section has a high bending strength, and the finished door and window are durable and not easily deformed.

2. Sealing

Good sealing directly affects the use of doors and windows and the consumption of energy. Generally, the sealing property refers to four aspects of airtightness, watertightness, heat insulation and sound insulation.

3. Beautiful appearance

After the aluminum surface has been treated, it can be displayed in a variety of different colors and can be used at will. The frame of the sash can be made larger, with a larger area of glass, so that the indoor light is sufficient, so that the home is more layered.

4. Good performance

Long service life,aluminum doors and windows are highly resistant to corrosion, and the oxide layer is not easy to fade, does not fall off, does not need to be painted, and is easy to maintain. The door and window control system has a long service life.

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Choice at the time of purchase:

1. Look at the material

There are two tips for detecting whether a material can meet national standards. First touch the border, panel and corner of the door by hand. It should be soft and delicate without scratching, and then stand on the side of the door and window to see if the paint on the surface of the material has irregularities and the shape of the waves.

2. Look at the accessories

The glass with the process needs to have national certification, and hardware is the key factor affecting the performance of aluminum doors and windows. Pay attention to flexibility when choosing. Then look at the stitching seams of the doors and windows, glue and the assembly process is good.

3. Look at the door and window strips

An experiment can identify the quality of the strip, use a lighter to ignite the strip and then extinguish it. Pinch the burning part by hand. If there is a powder, the strip is good. If it is sticky, it is an unqualified strip.

4. See installation and after sales

Learn more about the installation of the product and the quality of after-sales service, so as to ensure that the most suitable aluminum doors and windows are purchased without any worries.

5. Maintenance tips

When using aluminum sliding patio doors the action should be light. Sometimes sliding aluminum doors and windows are difficult to open or close, the main reason is mainly caused by ash deformation, so keep the frame and notch as clean as possible. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the ash from the notch. Use a soft cloth to clean the water or a neutral detergent. Never use soap or detergent. After the rainy day, the wet glass and the frame of the door and window should be dried in time, especially the water in the notch. After the aluminum doors and windows are used for a long time, the friction is increased, and a little oil can be added in a proper position, or a layer of wax oil can be applied.

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