Advantages of Folding Doors

2018-04-23 15:58:13

The biggest role of Bi fold door is to separate the area, and when it is turned on, it does not take up space and is suitable for more places to use.
Save space
The folding door is also suitable for the following situations. The width of the door opening is limited and there is no way to do a sliding door. There is not enough space to open the door.
Has a relatively good extension of design space, can be designed according to the building conditions, and rich configuration.
The safety performance of Aluminium Bi Fold Door is very strong, mainly because of its stricter production specifications. At the same time, it is composed of multiple parts and its material properties are excellent.
Easy to clean
There is no dead corner at 360 degrees, it is easy to clean some corners in the open state, and the cleaning of the glass is easier.

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