Advantages and Disadvantages of Unitized and Frame Type Glass Curtain Wall

2018-04-23 16:01:43

Unitized glass curtain wall and frame type glass curtain wall construction form:

(1) The unitized glass curtain wall is a curtain wall unit in which the skeleton, glass, pad, aluminum alloy, waterproof material, shock absorption, decorative fabric, and heat insulating material are assembled into additional iron pieces in advance in the factory, and then transported by special vehicles. At the construction site, the assembly is then lifted on site to form a glass curtain wall that is directly integrated with the building structure.

(2) Frame-type glass curtain walls are transported to the construction site with the components made in the workshop first, and then the components are installed one by one in accordance with the construction process sequence, thus forming the installation of the frame-type glass curtain wall.

Advantages and disadvantages of unitized glass curtain wall and frame type glass curtain wall:

(1) Unitized glass curtain wall

Advantages: The quality of the unitized glass curtain wall is relatively easy to control, and the waterproof performance is better. It can accommodate the displacement of larger structures, the construction is simple, fast, and well managed, and the requirements for high-performance curtain walls can also be achieved. So it is more suitable for the needs of the development level of modern architecture.

Disadvantage: The factory processing of unitized glass curtain wall is complicated, the form of the component increases the amount of aluminum profile, so the cost is higher than the frame curtain wall of the same material.

(2) Frame type glass curtain wall

Advantages: Simple design, various installation methods, construction materials are easier to store on the site, easy maintenance, low cost.

Disadvantage: long construction period, the assembly components stored in the floor are more easily destroyed and lost , The performance and installation quality of the curtain wall cannot be guaranteed. The project site needs a lot of management and quality control.

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