4 cases of impossible glass curtain wall design to the extreme

2019-02-01 14:35:23

As a leading curtain wall manufacturer, Sunnyquick has been continuously updating manufacturing processes and technologies to meet the constantly improving technical requirements of downstream customers. Today we'll introduce the famous 4 cases of glass curtain wall design.

From the early windows of ancient Rome to the stained glass of the spectacular Gothic cathedral to the glass walls of the last century; architects have long focused on their ability to use natural light to illuminate space and connect the interior to the outside world. However, as technology advances, more and more glass has built more facades.

Glass is not the kind of exquisite, hard-to-bend material of the past. Improvements in the manufacturing process make it stronger, purer and thinner than ever. These high-strength sheets can be machined, machined or in-situ without rupture; enabling architects to create sculptural glass buildings.

• Emporia

• Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB

• Malmö, Sweden

Emporia is a large shopping centre in Malmö, part of a master plan to revitalize the city through the revival of commercial, office and residential projects. The façade is made of gold-tone glass, and the complex geometry requires 567 unique molds to cast each of the 815 curved glass. Amber is produced by laminating a Vanceva color intermediate layer between glass sheets to produce a vivid color effect without reducing its transparency.

 modern glass curtain wall

glass curtain wall for shopping centre

• Louis Vuitton Foundation

• Gehry Partners

• Paris France

The Louis Vuitton Foundation is an art museum and cultural centre located on the edge of the Jardin d'Aclimatation in Paris. The building inspired 19 centuries of landscape architecture, shrouded in a rolling "glass sail", and according to the architect, "to the Louis Vuitton Creative Foundation's transparency and sporty sense while allowing the building to reflect water, forests, gardens, As the light changes,"

The curved canopy consists of twelve "sail", including 3,600 hyperboloids, each of which must be individually formed. Sunglass bends glass sheets in custom robotic bending furnaces and automates them with parametric modeling software. The surface is then sintered and joined to the Dow Corning Structural Silica to provide a continuous and creamy appearance to the glass.

aluminum glass curtain walls

aluminum glass curtain walls

aluminum glass curtain walls

• Elbphilharmonie

• Herzog and De Meuron

• Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg's new concert hall and cultural centre Elbphilharmonie is situated on a historic brick warehouse on the edge of the port, like an elegant glass crown. The spire's roof line and enamel, blue glass echoes the waves below. The façade has a U-shaped opening that reminiscent of the tuning fork, creating a small balcony with panoramic views of the water. The wavy façade is made up of 1,100 curved glass, creating an amazing look that sparkles in the sun, preventing solar energy from growing and retaining the harbour.

Commercial Glass Curtain Wall

Commercial Glass Curtain Wall

Commercial Glass Curtain Wall

• IAC Building by Gehry Partners

• New York, USA

InterActive Corp. is headquartered in a famous venue in Lower Manhattan, which is constructed of curved glass-white glass panels as if it were cut from an iceberg floating in the city. This is Gehry Partners' first building in New York and the world's first glass curtain wall built using cold bending technology.

glass curtain wall

glass curtain wall


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