3 reasons to choose the American double hung windows

2018-05-02 10:03:17

American up and down double hung window is different from the traditional open, open and ordinary push and pull mode, but the door and window of the open way up and down, because it is mainly popular in North America, it is also known as the American double hung window, is the world One of the two types of windows and doors, double hung window series of broken aluminum generally use North American adhesive broken bridge thermal insulation technology, but also different from the European wear aluminum broken bridge, lifting hardware, heavy lifting rod type hardware, etc. The series of double hung windows have excellent energy-saving insulation, dust-proof noise reduction and excellent wind pressure resistance performance; beautiful lines, wide viewing angles; open state does not collide with human body; frame fan package, sashes have no hidden danger of fall, safety factor Excellent for many advantages. Widely used in high-rise buildings in North America.

Why choose american double hung windows? Today we will introduce you to the 3 advantages of double hung windows.

Good sealing performance

The double hung is closer than the left and right sliding window, which is determined by the structure of the window. The traditional sliding window is a sash frame structure. That is, when the sash is opened to the left and right, it is achieved by sliding the lower pulley on the sliding rail of the window frame. However, if there is a gap between the pulley and the slide rail, the smoothness of the opening must be taken into consideration. Inevitably, the sealing performance is reduced. The pull window is a box fan structure, and the window fan is vertically run up and down within the window frame. Through the multiple seals of high-quality siliconized tops, the fan frame is closely attached around, and the sealing performance is obviously better than that of the left and right sliding window, second only to Fixed window and casement window.

Safe structure, save space

From the perspective of safety and energy saving, the frame fan structure of the double hung window allows the window sash to fit in the window frame when it is lifted up and down. The window sash can only fall inside. The window sash can never fall off and it is better to obtain airtightness. At the same time, watertightness, compared to the traditional window type, is used in high-level, safety performance is greatly enhanced, and the substitution advantage is obvious. Some countries require high-rise buildings can not use outside the window, and the large number of use of the inside open window will inevitably take up valuable interior space, often bring much inconvenience to people's lives. Therefore, the open window is not the best choice. American double hung window ventilation is more reasonable, lift up and down, does not take up space, especially suitable for use in slender, narrow openings such as kitchens, bathrooms or passages, balconies and other parts, is the designer in the flat open and sliding window Ideal choice.

Easy to clean, no dirty corner

In the traditional window type, the fixed window is difficult to clean. In today's buildings, a large number of windows with large fixed and small openings are only used for airtightness, watertightness, etc., but cleaning after the outer glass is dirty will become very difficult. Sliding windows often encounter one that cannot be cleaned. The double hung window's invert function breaks through the gaps in other window types, making it easier and more convenient to clean it indoors. The double fans do a clean job. There is no health corner. It is safe and convenient, and it becomes a double hung window. A major highlight.

Sunnyquick American Double Hung Window

Sunnyquick American Double Hung Window

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