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Aluminium Glass Shadow Box Curtain Wall

The aluminium frames are completely hidden from the outside glass curtain wall.
Product Details

Sunnyquick shadow box glass curtain wall is a comprehensive new technology products, the curtain wall is not used to hold the glass and load-bearing aluminum frame, which is completely dependent on the silicone structural sealant to the aluminum profile frame and glass. We have a very comprehensive shadow box glass curtain wall system, Including earthquake resistance and fire prevention.

Product Features

1. The price of Sunnyquick shadow box glass curtain wall is reasonable, low-rise and high-rise buildings are suitable.
2. We have a professional manufacturing and silicone structural sealant process.
3. This system column, beams, glass plate site-by-site installation, easy to adjust.
4. The installation is simple, the process is clear and easy to understand, the workers are easy to grasp.


Thermal insulation: The K value for thermal insulation can reach 1.9 W/㎡.k (Grade 7) (depending on the glass configuration)
Sound proof: The attenuation value of sound after passing doors can reach 45 dB (Grade 6) (depending on the glass configuration)
Air tightness: The value can reach 600 Pa (Grade 8)
Water tightness: The value can reach 700 Pa (Grade 6)
Wind load resistance: The value can reach 5000 Pa (Grade 9)

Option Description
 Profile  6063-T5 thermal break aluminum
 6063-T5 non thermal break aluminum
 Thickness  3.0mm, 4.0mm, Accept customization
 Surface Treatment  Anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating, Fluorocarbon coating(PVDF)
 Color  White,Grey,Black,Champagne,wood grain etc. Please contact us for more color.
 And we accept customization and RAL international color.
 Glass  Single glass,Double glass,Laminated glass,Low-e glass,Tempered glass,Hot dip glass
 Hardware  China brand,Germany brand,USA brand,Australia brand
 Size  According to the drawings or your request

Drawing Design

Here is one of a series, we have many shadow box glass curtain wall series models, please contact us for more. We also accept model customization.

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